Hyperlink Next Button in presenter

Apr 13, 2012

I've copied an Engage outline screen (with forward arrow). I've tried hyperlinking this (create a text box and then right click and hyperlink to page within the document). When I publish it doesn't seem to work. I've read that I may need to publish it to the actual place it will live e.g. online.  However, when I hyperlink an image to another page, this does seem to show when I publish.

Can anyone advise?

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Phil Mayor

Not sure what you mean, are you adding a hyperlink to the engage placeholder (the slide in ppt?  If that is the case it will not work.  Or are you adding a hyperlink in engage itself if that is the case this may help http://daveperso.mediaenglishonline.com/2009/01/27/how-to-link-from-engage-to-presenter/

If you are just mocking up an engage within ppt and using hyperlinks, they should work, you are probably better using a transparent shape than a textbox

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