Hyperlink to Resources in a course (Studio '13)

In Studio '09, you could put a document in the attachement, hide the attachment in the player and put an hyperlink in the course in order for the learner to go directly to the attached document.

The hyperlink was data/downloads/name of document.

Is it possible to do the same in Studio '13? I've put the document in player / resources and then create the hyperlink on an image in a slide. It's not working.


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muriel wahl


In 09, I used to put a document in the attachments (but without showing the attachement button) and then I would create an hyperlink on an image with: data/downloads/name of file

The learner clicking on the image could download, for instance, the slides of the course after finishing the study online.

Looking at the documentation link you've sent me, it does not seem to be possible to do the same with 13, Is that right or not?


Leslie McKerchie

Hi Muriel! 

You can hyperlink to a file in this manner:

  1. Right-click the text or object in PowerPoint you want to hyperlink, and select Hyperlink.
  2. Select Exisiting File or Web Page.
  3. Type the name of the file into the Address field, including its file extension. It's case-sensitive, so be sure to type the file name exactly. (Note: You can't browse for the file.) 
  4. Publish your presentation.
  5. Open the folder that contains your published output.
  6. Place a copy of the file to which you linked in the root folder of your published output (where the presentation.html file is located). 
Neal MacIsaac

Hi, just starting looking for the answer but this is related to it. This is for hyperlinking to 1 specific document in the Resources section.....can you hyperlink to show all the documents in the Resources... kinda like when you click on Resources, it pops down the list of available documents.



Larry Ridges

Hi guys,

Can you help me with a similar query?I want to add a hyperlink into the course linking to a document contained in my Resources tab. Reason being, is I have a menu of documents that need to be read to mark the course as completed. I was going to add a variable to each document button, so that when a user clicks on the button this will take them to resources and the button's state will become visited, marking my course as complete once all buttons are visited.

Many thanks,