Hyperlinks Not Working

Jan 08, 2014

Hi.  I'm using Studio 13 and PowerPoint 2007.  Hyperlinks to other, non-hidden slides within the presentation are not working. 

At first I created a link from text boxes on a slide, each link pointed to a different slide.  When published to my server, that didn't work.  Then I inserted a shape over each textbox, changed the transparency to 100%, and then created the hyperlink to the shape and published as web version and uploaded to the server.  Still no luck.  Links work fine in PowerPoint slideshow view, and they also work in Articulate Preview within PowerPoint. 

Any other ideas?



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Christine Hendrickson

Hi there Dean,

Sorry to hear about the trouble, but thanks for the update. 

Are you able to share a link for the project that's uploaded to your server? I'd like to do a little browser testing on my end, as well, if possible. 

Have you tried uploading and testing from a server other than your LMS/web server? You could try Tempshare or SCORM Cloud.

I know that we're investigating some reporting issues with IE 11 and '09, but I'm not aware of any hyperlink issues with '13 at the moment. If this is a new issue, we'll need to be able to reproduce it.


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