Hyperlinks Not Working

I have a weird issue.  The hyperlinks that I created in the slide master work well in powerpoint slideshow but do not work when I publish the file.  I am using one of the free templates created by Tom (http://community.articulate.com/downloads/p/660.aspx - its a great template!!!).  And I am using the powerpoint hyperlinking tips provided by Dave.  But clearly I am doing something wrong...

Please help.  I have attached the raw pptx file and the published file as well. 

Please advise what I am doing wrong. 

The links worked in another file in which I added a transparent box with hyperlinks on the slide itself instead of adding hyperlinks in the slide master.

Thanks so much...



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Justin Wilcox

You need to upload the content to your LMS and log in as if you were a user to get the links to work. I just tested it out and they worked fine for me:


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Payal Tandon

Hi Justin,

Thanks so much for taking the pains to resolve this issue.  Actually, after your first reply, I tried logging in as a user to see if the file works in my LMS (Moodle) and for me it did not work.  I in fact tried your link as well and could not get it to work.  The links on the  bottom right hand side work but the the buttons on the left hand menu (OFS, ISWAT, Summary, Might be True) do not work.

For you, are the left hand menu links working?

So here is a little experiment I did.  I created 4 kinds of the buttons:  (The published output and the raw files are attached in this post)

1:  Beveled Text Box

2:  Beveled Text Box Converted into Image

3:  Slightly Formatted Text Box - Fill and some minor formatting

4:  Bare Minimum Text Box - Just a border on the text box

I found that the links worked fine only for 2 and 4.  That is if I have an image, the links work well.  Or if I just have a text box with no fancy formatting. 

This was a revelation for me since till date, I used to convert the powerpoint objects into images as a convenience for switching out the images later...But I did not realize that there is a limitation of hyperlinks.  So based on this experiment, I will from now on assign hyperlinks only to images and not to heavily formatted powerpoint objects.  Not knowing much about the coding behind powerpoint, I can only guess that may be there are only a certain number of attributes that complex shapes can handle when being converted from powerpoint to flash and hyperlinks get in the bottom of that list.  So when we have a highly complex shape with numerous attributes like fill color, shadow, bevel, etc. those get applied first and in the process hyperlinks do not get applied.....But again, I might be completely off base here....

Have what I discovered something that is known as a matter of fact and I just did not know about it and had to learn it the hard way...Or did I come across something that is worthwhile to be shared with the community? Just wondering!!!

I would love to hear what the experts have to say about this.  I must admit that I have been really frustrated about this whole hyperlinking thing, but now that I know how I have to proceed, I feel happy about it...IMAGES it is...And frankly speaking, I never used to understand why Tom, Dave, and Jeanette used to convert powerpoint objects into images...But I nevertheless followed this as a best practice at least some of the complex shapes...But I now I have one more good reason to Convert Complex PPT Shapes into IMAGES...