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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Tham and welcome to E-Learning Heroes!

What problem are you seeing with the content? The fact that you are utilizing a trial does not matter because the trial is the full product minus a license :)

If you just see a spinning circle or a Flash Player notification when you launch published courses on your local computer, you may be experiencing a new Flash Player security feature. See this article for details and solutions.

Crystal Horn

Hi Tham!  The link directed me to our English version, but perhaps the default language on your end is French...?  Take a look at the bottom of the page,language and you'll have the option to change the language to English.

Let us know if that doesn't work for you.  We certainly want you to be able to read our articles!

Tham Tran

I followed your instructions and I solved my problem about publishing. Now I am practising designing an elearning lesson using Articulate presenter. I have used Adobe presenter ,but I see that yours is faster and I also want to use other softwares. However,I am a new user,so I haven't really understood all functions of Articulate. Hope you to help me if there is something wrong . Thank you for your support.

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Leslie McKerchie