Importing movie with multiple SWF Files

Dec 05, 2011

Hey everyone! I need some assistance, and I'm hoping you can help!

I was given a CD containing multiple swf files that make up a movie.  I need to import the movie into presenter, but again multiple swf files make up the movie.

How can I import the single swf file and expect it to pull the other files (when I copy them to the swf published folder), or do I need to merge the individual movies into one movie before importing it into presenter? If so, how can I do that?

I hope this makes sense! I appreciate any assistance!

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Peter Anderson

Hi Jennifer, and welcome to Heroes!

You'll want to find a third-party editing tool to combine your multiple .SWF files into one- a quick Google search revealed quite a few that would appear to do the trick. Then go ahead and insert using these links to help you, if needed: 

You can review the help documentation for inserting movies here: 

You can review common questions regarding using movies here: 

You can review a screencast of this process here:
Katie Nelson

I created a single slide and published it with the idea I could then import it as a movie.  My single slide had annotations but when I load the SWF for the slide the annotations are missing.  I assume this must be because they are stored somewhere else. I have been trying without any luck to find a  free or trial program that actually works and will allow me to combine all the files into one file or all into one MP4.  Any ideas?

Veeru Singh

Thank very much for your concern Leslie!

Actually I have two flash files which comprise a single game. While playing on web browser, the two files play together seamlessly and render a good game experience.
I followed your procedure.
I clicked on the [cid:image002.png@01D0C4BA.F1D5B4A0] symbol and imported the first swf file. It occupied one slide in Articulate.
Similarly, the second flash file occupied the second slide.
As a result, each file took up its own individual slide and giving no link to each other when I preview them.

Sorry to bother you!

Veeru Singh
CoE Training
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