Importing MP4: launch new window AND get player controls?

Oct 25, 2013

When importing an MP4 file into Presenter '09, is there any way to get player controls if you select the "Display in new window" option? You can get "all browser controls" with that option, but these do not appear to include _player_ controls.

If this isn't available in '09, do you know if it is available in '13?

Thanks in advance,


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Rosie,

If you choose to "display in new window" by default it is not displaying within the player and therefore no player controls are present. This option is often used when you want the user to open up information next to the course itself. The "browser controls" are referencing the internet browser in which you're opening the content so that you have the options like the "back" button, address bar, etc. This is true for Presenter 09 and Presenter 13. 

Mariajose Corrales



I was hoping you can help me. I am trying to increase the size of the videos I currently put in Articulate Presenter 13, the system normally shrinks them up and sometimes the information that I am showing is not clear enough. I recently tried the "Launch player in new window" option, however, as you mentioned before the controls don´t appear in the other screen. The majority of my videos are quite lenghty and I would need my trainees to be able to pause, stop and play. Would you suggest another thing? 

The videos I worked with are recored from GoToMeetings sessions and for some reason they have a big black frame that also reduces the size of the actual content. 

Thanks for your help. 


Christie Pollick

Hi, Mariajose -- Thanks so much for reaching out with your question! Have you had a chance to review this information on Editing Video Properties in Studio '13 yet? Please take a look at let us know if that will do the trick for you, or if you would like, you are welcome to share your file so we can see how everything is currently setup.

Please use the ADD ATTACHMENT button to share your Presenter Package and we'll check it out! :)

Mariajose Corrales

Hello Christie,

Thanks for suggesting the Edit Video Option. I am trying to crop the black fram but when I do it, even it I leave a space on the frame the video cuts downs very weird. I am attaching one of the files I´ve been working on. 


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