Importing Presenter Engages into storyline

Apr 14, 2014


I'm havng trouble getting my Engage interactions to behave in Storyline. In Presenter the tabs, FAQs, etc are mandatory in each interaction. When I import an Engage interaction, the learner can bypass tabs etc just by clicking NEXT or a different slide in the menu.

How do I get Engage interteactions to behave as they do in Presenter, forcing the learner to look at all of the interaction before allowing him or her to progress?

Thanks a lot.


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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Dave!

Looks like you have also asked this question over in the Storyline forums here.

If you are adding Engage into Storyline, I assume that you are using Engage '09. You can set your Engage properties as shown here, but the overall navigation would be controlled in Storyline.

Sounds like you need to adjust when your 'next slide' button appears, and you can read about that in this tutorial.

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