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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Homz,

Are you able to share a screenshot of the files that are included in the zip file you're attempting to upload to the LMS, please?

Also, try to make sure you're following the steps in the following article for publishing to an LMS with '13:

Publishing a Presentation for LMS in Articulate Presenter

It's fairly long, but some things have changed with Studio '13. It might just help to double-check the process to make sure there aren't any steps being missed. 

Also, have you tried uploading the file to any server other than Oracle? For example, you could try SCORM Cloud or Tempshare, just to see if it uploads properly to another server.

You're also welcome to attach your project here, if it's not too large, and we can take a look. You'll want to create a Presenter Presentation and attach it to your response.

How to Create an Articulate Package

Thanks, Homz!