in Sync animations the animation display does not work when I click on Next animation

Oct 02, 2018

When I use Sync Animations and click to advance the animations, in the main window you do NOT see what is happening. I have a PC with:
1) Windows 7
2) Powerpoint 2013
3) Articulate presenter 360

Attach image with problem display.

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Fabrizio,

When you're using the sync animations tab you'll hear the audio and choose when to add in the next animation based on that.

To preview the slide with your synchronized animations, use the play/pause button on the ribbon.

  • If you need to start over, click Sync Animations again.
  • If you need to fine-tune your animation timings without syncing the whole slide again, just drag the animation markers left or right along the timeline at the bottom of the screen. See this user guide for details.

There's a bit more detail on how to use the sync animations here.  If you're still having trouble, or I'm misunderstanding could you share a copy of your Presenter package here with us? 

Leslie McKerchie

Hey Fabrizio,

It looks like you may have replied via e-mail, which does two things:

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While you're here, feel free to attach the video you mentioned via the 'Add Attachment' option in the bottom left of the reply window.

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