Inserting Web Object Help

Ok, I am attempting to insert and HTML file created by uPerfrom as a web object. I have followed Jeannette's screenr. We have placed the html.index and assets in the production folder (the production folder resides on a network drive not my local harddrive). I am launching the course from an LMS. The course opens and runs properly except the slide with the web object, it attempts to load but never does. If I open the production folder and launch the course the slide with the web object loads and runs fine. What am I missing? Does this sound like an LMS problem or have I not correctly configured soemthing?

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Peter Anderson

Hi again Marty,

I would recommend you copy the files from the network drive to your local machine into a folder, and then point to the index.html there. Then it will get included in the published output. Generally, you should not point to content on a network drive since network latency and other network path issues can cause problems. Will that work for your scenario?