iPad and Audio

Oct 20, 2015

Hi there.

As ever, all ok on a PC but presentations running on the iPad/Safari (IOS9 and latest Articulate update) suffer from the Audio for each slide not being heard until the first image on the slide is displayed.  This happens on all slide but sometimes more noticeable than others when the image is large.  If I use the slider to start the slide again, all works fine.

Anyone else seen this?


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Christie Pollick

Hi, Graham -- Glad to hear from you! I am going to check to see if I am able to test the files you had provided in your Support ticket previously once more in Tempshare (in case there was a technical difficulty last week where it hung up at 99% and never finished processing, as was the case for me). I will let you know what I can as soon as possible. :)

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