Is it possible to launch in separate window with AICC?

May 20, 2015

Hello all,

I am experimenting with AICC in Presenter '13, Update 5. I'm pleased to report that I have been able to get AICC content to successfully play in-domain pointing to index_lms.html on the local content server, and remotely cross-domain pointing to relay.php on the remote content server. And yes, the remote cross-domain content even resumes and records properly! Woo hoo!

However, I published with the player configured to launch the presentation in a separate window. The content is not launching in a separate window as it does when publishing to SCORM. When I could not get the content to pop-up properly from the remote server with relay.php, I tried installing locally and pointing the AICC to index_lms.html on the local server. No pop-up launch, but it did launch successfully in-line instead. Interesting. I tried pointing to the local launcher.html, and the course wouldn't play through the LMS at all. No surprise.

My Question:

This all makes me think that AICC publishing with Articulate Presenter simply doesn't support launching in a separate window as it does with SCORM, and I would like confirmation since I do not want to pester my LMS vendor needlessly about a problem that is not caused by the LMS. Can anyone confirm if launching in a separate window is possible with Presenter '13 AICC content?



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