Issues with AICC course and security warning

Aug 17, 2012

Hi there I was wondering if anyone might have any information on the following.


We have a course hosted at

This AICC course is added to a Plateau LMS hosted on

The issue we are having is that a security warning is popping up showing the following message (file attached).

We believe this issue is because is not on the trusted sites list for users of


The list of trusted sites is only settable on each machine / user profile under Tools>Internet options>Security>Trusted Sites, but adding this on 10,000 machines is going to be a bit on a task as you can imagine.


The client already has another course published by another tool which does not have this issue, so it seems to be related with the Articulate courses.


The error appears on IE8 & 9 and is currently tested on Windows XP and appears every time a page is loaded.


Any help is much appreciated (p.s. I have tried the relay.php solution but this error still exists).





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