Issues with Audio on upgraded courses

Jun 26, 2014

I am having issues with a course I created in 09 and has now been upgraded to 13. the audio is in the slides in preview mode, but when I publish, no audio is available. has anyone else ran into this issue or know how to resolve?


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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Gina,

What type of audio are you using in your project? Is it audio that you inserted from a file, or audio that was recorded using Presenter '09?

Also, can you tell us how you're viewing the published presentation, please? Are you viewing the published output files locally, or are you uploading to a web server or LMS?

If you're viewing your published files locally, this may be the problem. If you view a published Studio '13 or '09 presentation on your local hard drive or send it to someone else to view on their local hard drive, you'll encounter security restrictions from the computer, web browser, Flash Player, and network that'll cause various features of your content to fail.

To properly test your published content and share it with others, upload it to the environment for which it was published. Please review the article below for more information:

Tips for Managing Project Files

  • I suggest using SCORM Cloud for your course - it's a great place to test SCORM content.
  • Another option would be to use our Tempshare server. Just keep in mind that this server is only available for testing content - it is not officially supported by Articulate and all content will be removed automatically after 10 days.
  • You're always welcome to try out Articulate Online, as well - it's available for a free 30 day trial.
Christine Hendrickson

Hi Gina,

Thanks for confirming that you're working from your local hard drive when modifying/previewing the project. Also, thanks for trying it out on a server. 

Something may have happened with the file, if replacing the audio files manually doesn't resolve the issue. 

I'd recommend following the suggestions in this article:

Articulate Support - Audio Is Missing or Lost

I realize some of the things you've already tried are listed in that article, but there are a few more suggestions that may help.

If you still have trouble, you're welcome to create and share an Articulate Package here. I'd be happy to take a look at what's happening. Please just keep in mind that the file size limit for the forums is currently 20 MB. If your project is larger than this, just let me know and we'll look into other options for sharing the file. 


Welcome to the community!

While I appreciate that you're having this issue as well, it may be entirely different from Gina's issue. You're welcome to follow along and attempt the same steps if you'd like. If not, please consider starting your own thread, just so we can avoid any confusion in this discussion. 

Thank you very much,


John King

John King said:

I am also having the same issues.  Converted a presentation with audio from 9 to 13, and I cannot get audio to play from one slide even though it is present in the Preview screen

I have discovered additional clues regarding my effort to get sound on the one slide that will not play audio.  I have gone back to the original file and did a "Save as."  The file now has the extension.backup.pptx. when I go into the file and request a preview of three screens, I do not get sound out of the one problem screen. When I preview the single screen that is not playing the audio I get sound.  Yet when I publish the module, there is again no sound in the problem screen...thoughts?

Marni Baltessen

I am having the same issues .... the audio is there when i open Audio Editor - then when i publish the presentation, there is no audio. I have followed all the steps in your "Audio Missing" link. I've shut down and restarted my computer thinking this might "fix" something - yet nothing works. This is not the first time i've have this issue and it is very frustrating. Something that should have taken me 5 minutes has now consumed half my day - and I'm still no closer to a resolution.

What else can I do to get the audio to publish with the course?

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