List of PP Animations that don't work in Presenter

Dec 22, 2011

Hi there,

I am wondering if Articulate has a page listing all the animations that currently don't work and a list of those that can be problematic in Presenter.



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Ron Price

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There are some Custom Animationsthat Articulate does not support.  Hereis a list:

Emphasis Animations:

Change Fill Color

Change Font

Change Font Color

Change Font Size

Change Font Style

Change Line Color

Bold Flash

Brush on Underline

Complementary Color

Complementary Color

No ContrastingColor


Bold Reveal

Style Emphasis

Exit Animations:


*You may find that there are some animations not listed here that occasionallydo not work in Articulate.  It is a goodidea to Preview your animations inArticulate before publishing.

The following effects are NOT supported:

    Transition effects between slides

    Chart Effects

    Text “by letter” or “by word,” and in reverse order


    PowerPoint sound effects

    Animated GIFs (alternate recommendation is to convert to .SWF format then insert via Articulate -> Flash Movie)

    Animation using a trigger “Start effect on click of…”

    Animations contained in the slide master

    After animation effect options to “Hide After Animation” and “Hide on Next Mouse Click”

    Timing option to “Rewind when done playing”


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