LMS doesn't support sequencing

I've created a course with a quiz at the end to post on our LMS. However, after our members complete it, it does not report properly. Even after completing the course and passing the quiz, the reporting still shows as incomplete. However, this is not a consistent behaviour. Someone who took the course and quiz this past Tuesday shows as Completed and Passed.

Our LMS provider has informed me that the LMS we use does not support sequencing and that I should split the quiz from the course. Not sure this is the solution which will fix this... 

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Diane Dauble

I would like to replace the numbers that come for the sequencing order with something different.  So instead of the number 1 for example I would like to put S/T (just if you are curious it stands for Situation/Task). The number 2 with A (which stands for Action) and #3 with R (which stands for Result).  It is a STAR model of putting information into a performance review.  Thanks,