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Mar 22, 2011

I am trying to publish my courses for upload on my Meridian LMS system. I have four courses. Two of them published fine, the other two do not zip when I select LMS Publish. If I select web publish, and then zip the files after publish my LMS system tells me they are not a valid SCORM 1.2 package. All four courses have similar graphics and interactions as well as the same templates etc. Any suggestions?

Thank you


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Justin Wilcox

Please follow the steps below to generate for us a trace log of what's happening:

1) Download, extract, and double-click the below trace tool (keep the window open):
2) Launch PowerPoint. PowerPoint should be launched only after the trace window is open.
3) Follow the steps you normally take to reproduce your issue.
4) When you are finished reproducing your issue, in the Trace window copy the text and paste it into Notepad.
5) Attach the log file to your reply to us for review.

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