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I have a huge course that needs to be "locked" and users can only move forward if they have viewed the slides. In Storyline, I would typically use the "When timeline ends" to ensure that. I am working on a coworkers file in Studio and I am not too familiar with the process on this system. I have tried locking the screens in the presentation options- but now I am unable to move forward at all. Am I missing something?

This specific course is huge (431 slides total) and I want to avoid having to manually unlock all of the screens.

Any suggestions?

Thank you,


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Christine Hendrickson

Hi there Nicole!

You may want to take a look at the tutorial below, first, and see if it helps with the navigational settings you'd like to use in Presenter:

Locking or Restricting Your Course's Navigation

If you have any trouble or questions after reading the tutorial, please let me know.