Locking up when going into "Slide Properties"

Hi Folks,

I've been using Presenter since 2006 in its various iterations, but I ahve never had this issue:

When I go into "Slide Properties" and select my levels and slide advance functions and then go out, it stays locked in a loop and does't save the changes.

Let me give you a few tidbits that might be relevant:

1 - This is by far the largest single project file I have produced.  I have imported the audio narration and the narration is 3.5 hours in length.  I am wondering if the AP file that has been created is just too big and is locking me up.  However, I tried splitting the project into three sections and I am still having the same problem ... so I am doubting file size is an issue.

2 - I mported the audio before I started working with the Slide Properties. (I am wondering if I should import audio last.)

3 - I am using Office 2010

4 - When I force the program to close using Task Manager I get a pop up that tells me the AP Output file cannot be opened. (Whatever that means.)

Has anybody else experienced this? ... and more importantly, what was the fix?

I've wasted 10 hours chasing my tail and I could use some help.

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Steve Gannon

No doubt a project with 3.5 hours of narration is resulting in a very large .ppta file. When you close the Slide Properties window, Presenter updates that .ppta file. It can take some time for that .ppta file to be rewritten. Are you sure you're giving it enough time to do so? Try once more, and this time, before forcing the program closed with Task Manager, give it a good 15-20 minutes to see if Slide Properties eventually closes on its own.

Also, be sure you're working with your project files on your local hard drive and not on a networked or external drive.