logic behind bgtm# and bgsm#?

Hi folks,

A little about me before I ask my question: I'm more of a Flash Developer, with a background in video production, who has been pressed into the Instructional/eLearning developer mold. It's an easy transition, but as someone who is more used to writing my own slide player in ActionScript and calling my swfs whatever I want, the jump has been an "adjustment." Some ways good, some ways frustrating, but I'm very excited about the possibilities ahead.

Anyway, on to my question. I've noticed that sometimes the swf Articulate makes for my slide backgrounds will be called bgsm#, and sometimes it will be called bgtm#. Why is that? And is there anyway to change it? I like things like that to be predictable, and right now I can't quite sort out the logic behind why sometimes it's different... I'm sure it's something simple, but like I said above, I'm a little out of my element.

Not a pressing, urgent question, more of a curiousity.


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Iain Conliffe

Thanks. I guess I figured that much. I was more curious as to the why it is sometimes called bgtm and sometimes bgsm?

Basically I was testing out a theory and so I wrote a little script in AS3 that would do a very simplified version of what the Articulate Player does - get the contents of the data/swf folder, then load the background swf, and then have buttons control which slide swfs load in on top of it. But then when I published from Articulate with a couple different slide decks, one time the slide background was called bgtm, instead of bgsm, and it broke my AS3 script. So I thought... "hmm, that's strange, I wonder why it's different?" I googled around and I looked around here and couldn't really figure it out, so I thought I'd post something.

I like to break things to figure out how they work. So I'm the kind of guy who will dig into the xml files and file names and start changing things just to see what happens. Usually I just bend my wookie, so to speak, but sometimes I figure out how to do something unexpected and cool. I'm working at getting the boss folks to buy us the SDK...