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I have a very long (some as long as 2 hours) telecast audio file that I am trying to have work with my Articulate Presentation. I only want to have one static PowerPoint slide for the duration of the presentation. When I publish the presentation I have issues with the audio slider at the bottom. First, the time shown is less than the full length of the audio file. And second, if I try to forward to a later part in the audio file there's just silence.

I have already changed the frames per second setting which helped a little, but did not solve the problem. How can I fix this?

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Brian Batt

Hi Nelinda and welcome to Heroes,

i would suggest breaking up your audio into several slides.  The reason for this is that Flash supports a maximum of 16,000 frames.  At 30 frames per second (which is the default setting in Articulate software), that translates to 8 minutes and 53 seconds. 

The following Adobe support document provides additional information on Flash limits:


If you change the "frames per second" setting in Articulate Presenter to 15, then you should be able to record up to 17 minutes of narration for a single slide.  Here's a quick guide:

15 fps  >>  17:00

20 fps  >>  13:20

30 fps  >>  08:53

To change the "frames per second" setting for your presentation, please review the following article for your version of Presenter:

Presenter '09: