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Jun 01, 2011

Over theholiday my computer's hard drive "crashed" before I was able to backup the original files for a very valuable training program that I had built for our company.  The good news is that the Articulate-packaged files are on our LMS for viewing.  The bad news is that the original files are no longer available should changes be required.

Does anyone know if the Power Point files be rebuilt or "reengineered" from the Articulate-packaged files?  And if so, how to do this?

Even if you could help me learn how to pull parts out of the Articulate-packaged files would be helpful since some audio is included in the program that cannot be remade.

Any suggestions or directions anyone can provide will be greatly appreciated!!!  I am desperate!!!!

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Justin Wilcox

Hi Lance. That stinks. It's not really possible to reverse engineer the published output, though. At some point you would need to recreate the content if you needed to edit it further. I would definitely consider looking into backup software, getting a back up hard drive or something to ensure that your content does not just live in one location.

David Anderson

Hey Lance, as Justin mentioned, there really isn't much you can do without your source files. Some users have found temporary fixes to get them through the short run. Here's a recent thread with some more info: http://community.articulate.com/forums/p/2909/15572.aspx#15572

A lot of us use DropBox which works great and doesn't have the same issues as typical network drives. That could change with an update of DropBox or Studio, but for now it's reliable for project-based backups.

Good luck.

Dwayne Schamp

Might want to check this before using drop box. has some good arguments about encryption and/or the lack of it really existing.


I use DropBox for non-volatile personal files or quick up transfers. If this is for your company, I would be sure to check with the IT guys as to your internal protocols as well. I know mine doesn't like proprietary files to be stored on "the cloud".

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