Making a series of demo videos interesting?

May 05, 2011

I've been asked to insert 6 videos into my course that demonstrate how to enter data into a sales web site.  Does anyone have any ideas about a creative way to incorportae these videos, rather than having the users click slide by slide to a new video.?  Six  in a row seems like overkill. 

Thanks for any suggestions!

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Dwayne Schamp

you could make it look like a multiplex theater with the title of each video above a set of doors, then they could click the door to enter "the theater" and watch the video. Make it look like MST3k with silhouettes in front of the video. With an Exit door that would take them back to the "lobby" to choose another "theater".

clement harris

computer courseware Yeah, it's interesting to make demo video, you can:

  • Make software instructional video from desktop recording;
  • Record website guide to demonstrate online service and business;
  • Capture onscreen activity and publish as video for YouTube Sharing;
  • Generate Flash movie for online presentation and screen cast and accelerate software training;
  • Create computer courseware with AICC/SCORM compliance for LMS for easy learning
Sam Currie

I think giving them a choice, like Dwayne suggested is a great idea, some of your students may be familiar with some of the methods you are presenting anway so if they don't have to view all of them that's great too .

You could use a signpost graphic ? Or perhaps 6 TV screens with the title of each video on the screen. Use a different coloured screen on each TV to break up the monotony a little.

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