Menu sidebar is blank AND can't get rid of timer at bottom

Mar 27, 2013


I'm updating some 2011 courses (made by someone else) at my work. Though I've had a few little hiccups with some files, all of them have previewed in exactly the same format. However, I've now come across one with a couple of issues:

The original course which is still active on the LMS has a menu sidebar and no timer down the bottom. Now a blank space appears at the left where the menu sidebar should be and there is an annoying timer running down the bottom. I've tried creating a menu sidebar based on one of the tutorials, but it hasn't had any effect. Ideas? Been in the job two months and have just learnt Storyline reasonably comprehensively, but Presenter is still a little foreign and I can't find the answers easily in the forums and tutorials.

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Justin Grenier

Good Morning Jacinta, and welcome to Heroes!

Here's how to Customize the View Modes of Your Player.  I'm not sure, but it sounds as though some or all of your slides are set to No Sidebar View.

In addition, here's how to Choose Player Controls for Your Course.  It may be that the "elapsed and total presentation time" checkbox is checked.

If those options don't help, please feel free to share a copy of your Articulate Presenter Package (either publicly within this Forum Thread or privately here).

Have a great day!

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