Mouse drag and movie blur in Camtasia movie

Hi, I inserted a Camtasia movie into an Articulate presentation and after producing find that when movie is playing the mouse drags across the screen and the movie seems to blur or has hesitations in it that weren't present before producing. I looked for resolutions in the forum and only found answers from 2008. I'm using Camtasia 5 with Articulate 09. Any updated solutions?

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Peter Anderson

Hi Tanya!

If you would like to insert a Camtasia presentation into Articulate Presenter, please see the articles below for advice and best practices:

Here is a brief video tutorial describing this process:

Let me know if that helps improve the quality...

Amanda Bishop

I also have Camtasia 5.0 and everything seems okay until the video (swf) is actually inserted into Presenter - then it just appears as a black rectangle, same when I preview or publish it.  Is this related to the fact that it is a swf file?  My version of Camtasia doesn't give me the flv or mp4 options.  Could it have something to do with the security settings on my computer?  Just spitballing here...