moving folder from one server to another

Dec 09, 2011

We have moved websites and have transferred the majority of content. There are a handful of Articulate screencasts that aren't transferring. They successfully play on the old website, but when we download them from the server, they are empty. Has this happened to anyone and is there a solution? It is as if there is an element missing.

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Peter Anderson

Hi Dar, and welcome to Heroes!

If your published Articulate Presenter output plays properly on your local computer, but won’t load after you’ve uploaded it to your web server or web site, then it’s likely that the XML files were corrupted during the upload process. A common symptom in the Articulate Player is to see:

SLIDE 100 of 160 PRESENTATION COMPLETE” in the seekbar.

To correct this behavior, either use the FTP upload feature of Articulate Presenter, or set your FTP application to upload files as binary. Uploading the XML files in ASCII or Auto mode may cause corruption.

It is also important to maintain the directory structure of your published content.

If you experience similar issues with content loaded in an LMS, the issue may be related to the specific version of Java Runtime Environment you have installed.  Please see this KB article for more information.

Justin Wilcox

Hi Dar. The issue is probably that you are either corrupting the files during the transfer process or all of the files are not actually being transferred. What you might want to do is select the folder that contains your presentation and follow the steps here  to compress it into a zip file:

Then copy the zip file to the new site and follow the instructions to unzip it.

Chris Lynch

Hello - I'm hoping I can reactivate this thread.

We have recently been given a set of learning material created using Articulate. The learning materials are hosted on a VM. We are able to run the VM and access the learning materials online. However, we have a learning object repository (Equella) and would like to extract these learning materials and contribute them to our repository.

I have access to the VM file system, and when I open the player.html file I get a blank presentation window and "SLIDE 100 of 160 PRESENTATION COMPLETE" that Peter mentions above. I took a look at the playerproperties.xml file and it does indeed seem to be invalid (see attached screenshot below).

So, assuming I don't have access to the articulate project files (due to the company that produced them going out of business), what can I do to get these presentations working?

Thanks very much in advance!