mp4 doesn't play in SCORM course

I created a SCORM 2004 course in Presenter and inserted an .mp4 file (I recorded on Screenr) into the project. I followed the directions for adding a Flash movie - and when I publish the file and preview it, the mp4 plays fine. When I zip the content and upload it to the LMS there is no movie - nothing at all...Any idea what I'm doing wrong? Thanks!!

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Bambi Snodgrass

no - nothing unusual about the file name. The only time it doesn't play is when I publish it as SCORM using Articulate. I have the option to upload and convert a PowerPoint file to html, but then I lose transitions, animations, annotations, etc. But the video plays if I just convert ppt to html.

Peter Anderson

Hi Christine,

If you've ruled out the possibility of needing to add the MP4 MIME type to your server, you may want to test your content in SCORM Cloud (sub-heading #3 in this helpful article) to determine if the issue is with the content itself, or rather with your LMS. You can also, of course, always submit a ticket to our support team for additional help.