Narration- no screen shows, only audio

Aug 03, 2017

When going to Narration in Studio/Presenter 360, I want to sync the animations. However, the screen doesn't show, so there is no way to tell where to put the arrow, or what animation should come in, because I can't see the visual.

Any suggestion?

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julie taylor


I am following the instructions, and know that the images are supposed to appear. They appear sporadically today, sometimes they are there, sometimes not, and I have to keep rebooting because my mouse isn't visible on the screen that I have that has Articulate on it.

I will follow the instructions to install and uninstall, though that makes me nervous. I'm on a tight timeline and hoping it will work. I'll let you know if it doesn't- that may solve my mouse disappearing act issue.

Thank you.

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