Navigation in Presenter 360: Next button does nothing. Ever.

I have the same problem described in this thread (never answered there):

In Presenter 2013, it was possible to set up a course so that one could only navigate using the Next and Previous buttons, and only after the animations and audio on a slide had finished playing. In 360, using Office 365, it's not. When I publish with "Free" navigation the student can click Next immediately on a slide loading. If I use "Locked" Next never does anything at all. "Restricted" was apparently removed--that's what I used to use in Presenter 2013.

Other threads in this forum have suggested that the timeline for the slide is longer than necessary. However, I checked and the first slide of the presentation I'm converting has no animations, 2 seconds of audio, and has now been sitting on another tab of this browser for 10 minutes with the Next button still totally inactive. (Update: I got distracted before posting. 20 minutes now.)

Floating the mouse pointer over it produces the "locked" mouse pointer icon.

Was this incredibly ordinary feature removed from Presenter 360? If not, where is the option to activate it hiding?

I'll go further: I speak XML. Is the delay before activating the Next button documented anywhere? I'm happy to hand-edit the [insert bad word here] ppta file rather than having to start over and recreate this entire [bad word] course from scratch. It's already late because of other Presenter bugs.

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Carl Fink

Another person asking this question:

Note that Leslie recommends an article that documents Presenter 2013, and the method there does not work in Presenter 360 (which has a different layout and no Restricted navigation).

Carl Fink

OK ... figured it out myself. Wow, that's a confusing interface.

You have to change slide navigation in the OTHER MENU OPTIONS. Wasn't that obvious? To get there you have to open the Slide Properties dialog (because of course, menu options are a slide property?). 

Articulate tab >> Slide Properties >> Edit Menu... > Gear icon at bottom of window (not to be confused with the identical gear icon at the TOP of the window, because having two identical icons is totally not confusing) >> Menu >> Restricted and also select Restrict Next/Previous buttons.

Like I said, wow, that's confusing. 

Speaking as software designer and user experience nerd: explain to me how "Restrict Next/Previous buttons" is a good label for the function, "Make the student wait to leave the slide until the audio finished playing." Go ahead and try.

Lauren Connelly

Hi Carl!

Thank you for clarifying what could be confusing for other authors. Of course, it is never our intent to make any of our programs challenging to use. In fact, we try our best to offer resources such as this community to help in those times of need. I'll pass your comments along to our team so we can see where to improve.