Slide Video doesn't show when trying to sync slide animations.

Presenter 2013-

Slide video does not show when in the process of syncing slide animations to video.  I never had this problem with Articulate Presenter 9.  Under preview and slide view I can see video on slide, but its impossible to sync animations without seeing video.  I’ve tried 3 different video formats: flv, wmv, and mp4 without success.  Same files work with Studio 9 just can't get it to work with the new presenter.  Please help.

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Barry Berridge

I can scale the project back and send a couple of slides with video, however you have described the problem below using your own files.  So I suspect it makes little difference if I send you my files. I’m creating Emergency training scenarios for crews on-board the International Space Station, unfortunately much of the info is sensitive. Screen shot above shows an example taken from the Emergency Ammonia Scenario lesson created using studio 9.  You can see a video window in the right corner -demonstrating crew activity in one of our mockups, as the event unfolds, critical events appear in the box to the left of the video window, the bottom box identifies the step (animated by the red box) in the procedure that is being executed by the crew.  Its these animations in the two boxes that we need to coincide with events in the video.   Each slide video segment runs from about 30 seconds to 3  mins. max.  Animations are simple, using fade or appear on bullet points or red boxes, and typically  only number 3-9 animations per slide.

We've been looking forward to the new studio release, so hope you can resolve this problem. 

Best regards to the E-Learning Heroes!

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Thanks Leslie, I'm also on Windows 8 which is likely why I couldn't get it to to work either. If you're able to share a paired down version with our Support team to test, that would be best so that they can then communicate with you directly if they're able to find a fix. If you'd prefer not to, please let me know and I'll create a sample file to share with our team.