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Jul 31, 2015

Hi I am going to build a course in articulate Studio but want to check below functionalists are possible .


1)      For a course built in Articulate with an end-of-course assessment:

a.        Is it possible to have a question/answer summary screen at the end of the assessment, with each question, the user’s answer, and the correct answer (and perhaps some answer feedback)?

b.      Can Articulate be prevented from actually indicating if the user gets a question correct or incorrect when they attempt it?

2)      When the user comes to the assessment section, can Articulate set a time limit for the assessment?



Can someone can confirm this?

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Sinchu!

Having a question/answer summary would be a custom set up and perhaps someone in the community would be able to assist you with this. Perhaps this thread will assist as well.

You can select to not allow the user review the quiz and show correct/incorrect answers in the setup of the results slide.

Information about a quiz timer can be found in that same tutorial.

Update: The information above is for Storyline as I saw your name and knew you were a Storyline user. You can check out information on the results slide in Quizmaker here and utilizing a Quiz timer here. I apologize for not noticing this was the Presenter forum :)

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