need a search feature

I wish I had the leisure to browse around this site and just look for interesting notes - the possibilities are endless!  Unfortunately, when I visit I am typically trying to overcome a hurdle of some sort, and it is usually under a deadline.  So a search feature would be very helpful.  I click on the magnifying glass icon near my profile pic, and the icon simply moves (ha ha, funny!), but it does not give me any option to search.  Is there any plan to add such a useful feature to elearning heroes?

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Sue and Dan,

We checked in with our web team, and confirmed the search works in all browsers - but may behave differently in some. For example, within IE8 the search bar will always be "toggled open" and you'll see the "Search text" next to the magnifying glass in the middle of the header.

In IE9, it toggles open, but it handles placeholder text (i.e. search) differently, so once there is a focus on that text box, you won't see the word search but you should be able to begin typing and utilize the search as normal. 

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Dan and Sue!

I have an update.

The search has been tested in all browsers, but may work differently because of this.

For example:

  • In IE8 the search is always toggled open
  • In IE9 the search will toggle open, but the placeholder text (ie. "Search") gets cleared away

You should still be able to start typing in the search though.