Nesting Triangle

Feb 18, 2012

Hi.  My nesting triangles have disappeared when I publish my module.  I added an interaction and a quiz, and after that the triangles disappeared.  Now, in the outline, there is just a list of numbers that aren't in order because the nesting is working properly.  The visual cue of the triangle is gone.  How do I bring this triangle back?  It isn't a cache issue.  I've tried it in a few different browsers, including a browser in which I have not viewed the presentation before.  Any ideas about how to bring the nesting triangle back?

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Julee Jaeger

Thanks Phil, I thought about that, but I wondered why the numbers would be in nesting order, hiding the nested numbers.  I took a look at the setting, and I have the behavior set to "Expand level only when user reaches heading"  and the restriction set to, "Only expand after user reaches heading."

I performed a test with the preview.  I set all of the levels to 1, and then nested only slide number seven.  In the preview, I can see the triangle.  When I publish, I see no triangles, slide 6, and then slide 8 in the outline.  When I watch the presentation, the outline expands for slide 7 when that slide is reached, but there are no triangles.

Thanks again!

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