No slide number on seek bar for hidden slides

Nov 22, 2011


I have a presentation with several main topics. I have the first slide for each topic appear in the navigation bar on the left but then I've hidden all subsequent slides in that topics so if the learner just sees one entry in the navigation bar for each topic. Also, this let's them navigate to the beginning of the topic rather than go in the middle of it. However, it means that on the seek bar, if they are on any slide but the first one in the topic, the slide number (e.g. Slide 3 of 10) does not appear. Any suggestions on how to either let the slide number appear OR remove it from the Seek Bar throughout the entire presentation?



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Peter Anderson

Hey Leslie,

Showing the slide number on hidden slides would make for a good feature request:

Would removing the seekbar altogether on the hidden slides be an acceptable solution? You can do that in Player Templates-> Player Controls-> Seekbar.

There are also some good discussions and possible workarounds in this older thread:

Good luck!

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