Seek Bar Versus Progress Bar

Jun 13, 2011

Articulate should seriously consider adding the option where the 'Seek Bar' (which shows incorrect number of slides if you have a lot of slides that are set to 'Hide in Navigation Panel under Slide Properties) can be replaced with a 'Progress Bar' that gets gradually filled-up as the user progresses through 'X' number of slides. For example in a 100 slide presentation (without voice):

- 0% complete for Slides 1 to 10

- 25% complete for Slides 11 to 25

- 50% complete for Slides 26 to 50 and so on...

Tom recommended the following work around - which is elegant but not easy to implement for novices like me when the presentation (number of slides) is huge and you desperately need to utilize every square inch of screen real estate.

A simple choice between 'Seek Bar' and 'Progress Bar' at the publish stage will be greatly appreciated.

Articulate Gurus please consider this as one of the top priority items on the wish list for the next update as many clients repeatedly ask for it and draw a comparison with other tools which seem to offer this by default.


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Neil L

Hi Ashley,

Thank you.  It does and it doesn't help only because it would be nice if there was a global progress bar and not just a slide by slide seekbar.  

I'm not sure if anyone put in a feature request because in a similar posting it was advised from four years ago to request it.  

I believe it would be a great enhancement to Presenter.  Nothing factual, but I would think there are a number of growing professional license educators in a variety of industries based on regulatory requirements that would require some type of global progression status bar for students to view.  

How does a feature get built into Articulate?  Is it based on customers demand for a feature.  

Thanks again Ashley and if anything comes up that would relate to this global progression bar, please let me know.

Best Regards,


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Neil,

I don't know if anyone put in a feature, but it's always worth adding an additional request! Feature requests go to our product development team for review and they determine the viability of placing it into products and include customer demand for such ideas as well - so the more feature requests the better. This post is a bit older, but it still holds true in terms of the process.  

You can submit your feature requests here. 

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