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I'm really stumped by this one, maybe someone here can help me out.

We run our own native LMS that was written by a colleague and myself.  We serve a very large market with all sorts of SCORM, AICC and native course materials.

Recently we had a new client come to us and wanted to run Articulate course inside our LMS.  This is fine as I just use the SCORM API to pass the needed information back and forth to the course.

So here is my scenario:

We have a presenter course with 2nd to last slide containing the quizmaker made assessment.  And the final slide is a thank you message.

So lets assume the following happens by a user,  They get to the last page of the quiz and submit their answer, great they passed!  Upon passing a quiz we enabled two buttons for printing their results and one for reviewing the quiz.  And one final button which is "Finish".  Clicking finish will cause the window to close which fires off the window close event and the SCORM-API does exactly what it's supposed to and the LMS is happy and completes the persons enrollment.

Now lets say the user doesn't click finish and they want to review the quiz, they move around a few pages and then close the course window.  This triggers the javascript close window event and SCORM-API sends it's data to the LMS.

This works in IE just fine,  HOWEVER in all Mozilla 5.0 browsers that I've seen thus far (Firefox, Safari, Chrome) it fails to send the information to the host LMS and thus scores are NOT recorded.

I seriously need some insight as to why this is failing.  In a perfect world Firefox works and IE blows chunks so this is completely baffling to me. 

Is there a known bug in Articulates rendered published output for SCORM that I need to know about?

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Brian Batt

Hi Justin,

If you are experiencing issues with content in your LMS, please refer to the following Word of Mouth blog entry, which outlines common issues pertaining to viewing and tracking content in an LMS: 


In the article, it recommends testing the issue in the SCORM Cloud.  I would highly recommend this step.  If it works as expected in the SCORM Cloud, then that tells you that the issue is on the LMS side.