Exit button not working

Hi - hope someone can help.

I'm having problems with the Exit button working in my course. I published a course with a quiz.  If I click the Exit button, and then click Exit now, nothing happens.

This is true if:

  • I run it on my local drive.
  • I run it from the LMS with IE 9
  • I run it from the LMS with Firefox
  • Additionally, if I close the browser window with the X, the course does not mark complete.

The course is being tracked by the quiz and I've reviewed the settings.

I also changed my configuration.js file per the post I found here:


But that didn't help either.

Here are my system details:

Windows 7

Articulate Presenter 9

PowerPoint 2010

IE 9 OR Firefox

LMS = GeoLearning

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Anne Goldenberger

Thank you Dwayne.  I used these buttons and they worked fine.  However, I also accidentally discovered that the course was now completing when I clicked the X in the browser window (which didn't work yesterday).  It is also now completing when I use the Articulate Exit button (which would not work yesterday either).  I tried it on two separate machines yesterday, and it wouldn't work on either one of them, so it wasn't just a browser setting.

I sure would love to know what is causing this - maybe a glitch in the LMS that they fixed? 

p.s. It also occurs to me that updating the configuration.js file actually fixed the problem but I needed to reboot after editing the .js file, and that's why it works now - I rebooted this morning.

Dana Baillie

Thanks guys.  The problem that we are having is intermittant.  We haven't been able to duplicate it via testing.  We have people taking the course and after the course sends the LMS an exitau request, the learners continue taking the course and master it.  Of course the exitau ends the session, so the learner's results after the end of the session are not stored.

The course works fine for most people, but others have this problem.  We have several Articulate Presenter and this seems to be an issue with all of them.

  1. I work with the LMS and the courses are created by a client whose employees then take the courses on our LMS.  I'm just trying to get some ideas/solutions for them.  I've already changed EXIT_BEHAVIOR to be "ALWAYS_CLOSE";

Hopefully, Dwayne has something for me, but if not, maybe the EXIT_BEHAVIOR will fix it for us.  Of course it is intermittant, so it may be a while before we know for sure.

Thanks again.


Dana Baillie

Editing the js file did not solve our issue and I never did get the exit button link from Dwayne.  Maybe he wasn't able to find it.

Anyway, our issue may be different than the original one.  One of the ladies from our client company who actually creates the courses has opened a ticket (Case #00299955), so hopefully something will come from that.


Dana Baillie

Hi Simon,

Actually, we're not 100% sure yet because we haven't been able to reproduce it yet.  It happens intermittently.  Many people take a course fine, then someone will take the same course and have this issue.

The issue is that they are taking the course when the course sends an EXITAU request to the LMS.  That request tells the LMS that the person is exiting the course, so end the session.  The LMS ends the session.

Then somehow, the person manages to continue through the course and mastering it.  Because of the EXITAU request (sent by the course) the mastery is not recorded because the session had ended.

Sometimes after the EXITAU request is sent, the LMS gets a request for the "index_lms.html" file which is the starting html file for an Articulate Presenter course.  I assume that this get request comes from the browser.  How, we don't know yet.

The learners seem oblivious to what's going on, so it seems that they are not actually exiting the course when the first EXITAU is sent.  Until we can reproduce it ourselves, we can't really know what's going on.  It's pretty frustrating.


Gina Hoekstra

I don't think it is exactly the same as yours. I am having the same issues as the original poster.

The Exit Now button doesn't do anything. The first exit button opens the drop down window, but then squat. Our issue is that if this happens, the user then clicks the LMS close button and the tracking does not get pushed to the LMS nor does the resume data. So they end up in the repeat pattern that never ends! ugh!

This is a new issue for me. I have not had anyone complain before, so I can honestly not say for sure whether this has been going on and no one has complained, but I KNOW I have opened these courses in the past (just a week ago) and the Exit Now button worked fine for me, so that is why I am saying it is a new issue.

Gina Hoekstra

Simon, After submitting my issue with the Articulate team today, I wnet back and did some more testing on my LMS and what I found was that as of OCT 1st, they made available a new platform that is HTML5 capable. I switched to it, because besides it looking WAY better, it had some functionality that the old platform did not.

Well, just to try something, I switched back to my old platform this morning for a quick test, the Exit Now button worked fine.

What is baffeling though is that some people have completed the course and recieved grades for it since we switched over to the new platform on Oct 1st, which leads me to believe that it is not ONLY an LMS issue, but that it is also linked to something else. I have a ticket in with my LMS as well asking about the possibility of there being some compatibility issues here with either java errors or certain browswers as you said.

Until then, I don't know what to do because I can't really switch back to the old platform on my LMS because the new functions on the new platform are NOT on the OLD platform! UGH!!!

Gina Hoekstra

So after hours more testing...it has come down to being an incompatibility issue between my new platform in the LMS which is now  HTML5 capable and IE9. If I switch back to IE8, it works fine. So I am working with the LMS Help Desk to see if they can fix something on their side that will allow it to work. Not sure what else to try at this point. 

Simon Perkins

Yep, the courses we've been testing work fine (even with IE9) until we pop them in an LMS with a Drupal front-end.  Still under investigation but no idea what the connection is yet.  Rebuilt the launcher so it used a pop-up thus enabling learners to use the "X" close button.  Not idea but it's a workaround for now.

Simon Perkins

I forgot to ask: is there any custom scripting that can force the player to close the course when pressing the Exit tab/button, i.e. close the window immediately without displaying the "Are you sure ..." message?

If so, is there a way for this to be enhanced to only do this if it knows IE9 is the browser?


Gina Hoekstra

So Phil, do you think that currently, with my issue, the only answers would be to force anyone on IE9 to go back to IE8 (compabtability mode set in IE9 doesn't work with our LMS as it pops out a separate window for the program - I tried it the other day)?

Or my other option might be for us to go back to using their older platform that supports IE9.