Exit button not working

Hi - hope someone can help.

I'm having problems with the Exit button working in my course. I published a course with a quiz.  If I click the Exit button, and then click Exit now, nothing happens.

This is true if:

  • I run it on my local drive.
  • I run it from the LMS with IE 9
  • I run it from the LMS with Firefox
  • Additionally, if I close the browser window with the X, the course does not mark complete.

The course is being tracked by the quiz and I've reviewed the settings.

I also changed my configuration.js file per the post I found here:


But that didn't help either.

Here are my system details:

Windows 7

Articulate Presenter 9

PowerPoint 2010

IE 9 OR Firefox

LMS = GeoLearning

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Gina Hoekstra

Thanks Justin. I will pass on the information. I tried to load the course today as a pop up window, but I ran into that exact java error. It wouldn't load and gave me some debugging info.

I was hoping I wouldn't have to load the course as a pop up...that is so annoying. I like the course running in the frame of the LMS course window. For now, I have just gone back to the old platform until they can tell me more.

I appreciate your help!

Simon Perkins

Ok, this has raised its ugly head again - not that we ever got it fixed, we just had a workaround that itself doesn't work 100% for all learners.

The techies are reporting that the Presenter courses consist of invalid HTML whereby IE ignores the specified rendering mode (IE8, or IE9 or whatever) andinstead falls back to quirks mode.  Apparently IE only pays any attention ifthe HTML in the course contains a document type at the top of the page. Thecourses they've tested contain no doctype tag, so IE ignores everything else andjust falls back (into quirks mode which also seems to have the bug).  They say that notincluding a doctype means the page is not actually valid HTML.

This means that Justin's recommended fix (while more than likely fixing similar problems) is not able to "force" a fix in this instance.  

Is anyone still experiencing this?  Any new ideas for a resolution?


Justin Grenier

Good Morning, Simon.

I'm not able to reproduced a player.html file that is published from Articulate Presenter without the DOCTYPE declaration.  If you are able to reproduce this, can you please Submit a Support Case and include (a) a copy of your Presenter Package and (b) a copy of your zipped, published LMS output so that we can take a look at the problem?  Thanks!

Simon Perkins

Hmm, that's odd Justin because I've just taken a look at a load of different SCORM files published over the last 2-3 years and the following don't have any DOCTYPE entry:

- index_lms.html

- lms/blank.html

- lms/AICCComm.html

The top line is either blank or has the Copyright message.  Here's a sample index_lms.html file:

Anna Powless

It is now March 28, 2013 and I am reading these messages because my exit button, today, is STILL not working.  I cannot believe that Articulate has not fixed this issue since I just downloaded the latest update. 

Can someone from staff tell me if there is now a sure-fire workaround or is this stil la problem and I should just disable "exit".  Does that mean they can just close their window and it will still remember where they stopped?  


Justin Grenier

Good Morning, Anna.

Have you checked out the suggestions in this article and the first bullet in this article?  If you're still stuck after giving those a look, there are a few questions that might add some clarity to the problem:

  1. What browser(s) is/are having the problem?  IE?  Firefox?  Chrome?  All of the above?  What OS(es)?  Windows?  Mac?  iPad?  All of the above?
  2. How are you publishing your content?  ...for LMS, Web, or CD?  ...or does it fail regardless of publishing method?
  3. Where are you testing your published content?  ...on your local hard drive, on the web, or in your LMS?  If on your LMS, which LMS is it?

You are also more than welcome to package up your course and send it to us for a closer look.

...and to answer your final question:  You generally don't need the exit button to save the learner's progress.  Some LMSes may have issues, but it is likely that if the exit button doesn't work for a given user, closing the browser will successfully pass the score and progress to the LMS.

Simon Perkins

We had to build a new course launcher (with a new window) to get round this as the EXIT button stopped working for all IE9 users.  None of the fixes we applied previously (including those mentioned earlier in this thread) worked.  IIRC it's a JavaScript clash between IE9 and the way Presenter manages the exit process.

Katie Weaver

This is exactly what is happening to my users.  I cannot get the Exit_Behavior/Always close option to work, so that is not a fix for me.  But I have multiple users that are viewing a course multiple times and it NEVER sends completion data.  We have tried to change Compatibility View settings in IE, and it sometimes works, but not always.  Beyond being extremely frustrated myself, my users are ready to stop training all together.  Any help at all is greatly appreciated!!!

Dana Baillie said:

Thanks guys.  The problem that we are having is intermittant.  We haven't been able to duplicate it via testing.  We have people taking the course and after the course sends the LMS an exitau request, the learners continue taking the course and master it.  Of course the exitau ends the session, so the learner's results after the end of the session are not stored.

The course works fine for most people, but others have this problem.  We have several Articulate Presenter and this seems to be an issue with all of them.

  1. I work with the LMS and the courses are created by a client whose employees then take the courses on our LMS.  I'm just trying to get some ideas/solutions for them.  I've already changed EXIT_BEHAVIOR to be "ALWAYS_CLOSE";

Hopefully, Dwayne has something for me, but if not, maybe the EXIT_BEHAVIOR will fix it for us.  Of course it is intermittant, so it may be a while before we know for sure.

Thanks again.


Dana Baillie

Hi all,

The change EXIT_BEHAVIOR to be "ALWAYS_CLOSE" did not work for us.  Since the course sent the exitau request, but did not actually close the course, the learners are continuing in the course after the server has ended their session.  Sometimes, they were mastering the course and not getting their results stored.

We ended up modifying our server code so that it looked out for ended sessions sending data to the server.  The server takes that data and by using the sessionIDs included in the data, it updates their records accordingly.  We shouldn't have had to do that, but had no choice if we were going to keep our clients happy.  It was ugly, but it does work.