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Chris  Glass


I believe the best first step is to list what you have done to verify that it does not work. The reason why I am saying this, is that I got it to work and so did others here. It works great and I do not have any problems. 

Please provide a description of what your issue is and lets work together to see if it really is an issue that they need to address or you are able to resolve. 

As far as getting 13 free, that's a long shot since 09 was never certified to work with Office 2013 yet. So why should you get something for free for an older version that is not yet confirmed to work with Office 2013. Lets be real. 

Peter Anderson

Lee Borgioli said:

Cannot run '09 with Office 2013, verified!.  Not COOL!!

 We just purchased new licenses today for Articulate '09,

 and I believe that means we get '13 free, correct?

Hi Lee, welcome

Studio '09 is not officially supported by Office 2013. 

And yes, if you just purchased Studio '09, you'll get Articulate Studio '13 for free when it's released. Once Articulate Studio ‘13 is released, we'll e-mail you instructions on how to redeem the free upgrade.

Thanks, and welcome again!

Paul Cameron

We ran into this problem as well. With I a little fishing around we found that Office 2013 seems to be Click To Run weather you like it or not. There is nothing mentioned in the version info, but plenty of CTR stuff in the Registry. (Studio needs Office 2010 Full, not Office 2010 CTR.) This may be the reason Articulate Studio will not work. All our new Sony Vaios are coming out with Office 2013. (This is probably true of most new computers now.) We considered getting them built with 2010, but concluded this was bad idea long term. So, we are preparing our elearning in PowerPoint 2013, then going back to older Vaios, with Articulate installed, to add the audio, time the animations and do all the final authoring to Scorm, these older computers also have administrator logins to the Totara LMS. This will do for now. I am sure Articulate are working their socks off to get Studio 13 out. The sooner it comes out the better, and if it turns into Studio 14 ... well, let's not consider that, shall we!

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Paul, 

I just wanted to welcome you to Heroes, and say thanks for sharing what you're doing to get around the Office 2013 set up on your computers. Our team is working hard on Studio 13, and as soon as we know a release date, we'll be sure to let you all know. In the meantime, if there is anything else we can help with please let us know!