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Hello Articulate,

I understand that Articulate Presenter is currently not supported/compatible with PPT 2013. Myself and several coworkers of mine are curious to know if there will be an update for this in the near future? I'm sure you will be building this into Articulate Studio '13...but for those of us who will be stuck on '09, will a patch be made there as well?

Just curious. THANKS!


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Peter Anderson

Hi Tim, 

There aren't any plans at this time for Studio '09 to officially support Office 2013. However, as you might suspect, Studio '13 will indeed support the 32-bit version of Office 2013.

I'd honestly think that it would be a massive project to bring compatibility to Studio '09, and with Studio '13 on the horizon, I think it's safe to say that it's not a priority. 

Wish I had better news, Tim! Sorry for the inconvenience

Peter Anderson

Omar Wilkinson said:

Hi Peter,

Do you have an idea of when Studio 13 will be released and will there be incentives for 09 users for purchase?

Hi Omar!

I don't have any updated information on a release date, but I know beta testing will begin soon. As for upgrade pricing, I'd encourage you to contact our sales team for more information on that. They'd be happy to help. 

Tim Slade said:

I have a follow question to this as well. Can you tell us if Studio 13 will work with Office 2010. Our organization is not upgrading to Office 2013 (as I'm sure many offices aren't as well) it would be important for Studio 13 to work within Office 2010.



Hey Tim!

Yep, Studio '13 will run on Office 2010 (32-bit version) with no problem