Packaging a Course into One PPT

Aug 31, 2011


We had people working on different parts of this course, one worked on questions and others on the actual slides, its broken down into 3 different powerpoint files, with audio included.  What I am trying to do now is put them all in order and together, but I just tried to copy and paste them into one ppt file and publish it and it lost all of the sound, many of the wav & mp3 files were edited within articulate.  

So I have 2 questions, 

1.  Is there an easy way to pull them all into one document that will keep the audio synced with the animations.

2.  When you edit a wav/mp3 file within Articulate, does it make the changes to the actual file or does it just remember them within Articulate?

Thank you so much, I hope you can help.


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Brian Batt

Hi Jeff,

The suggested method for merging two or more Articulate presentations into one is the following: 

1) Open both PowerPoint files, and decide which file is the master. 

2) In the secondary presentation(s), click in the slide view area, and press CTRL+C to copy all slides. 

3) Switch to the master file, click in the slide view area, and press CTRL+V to paste the copied slides. 

4) If you have recorded narration in the secondary presentation(s), export the audio from each secondary presentation using the steps in this article: 

5) Then import the audio files into the master presentation:

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