Packaging a Course into One PPT


We had people working on different parts of this course, one worked on questions and others on the actual slides, its broken down into 3 different powerpoint files, with audio included.  What I am trying to do now is put them all in order and together, but I just tried to copy and paste them into one ppt file and publish it and it lost all of the sound, many of the wav & mp3 files were edited within articulate.  

So I have 2 questions, 

1.  Is there an easy way to pull them all into one document that will keep the audio synced with the animations.

2.  When you edit a wav/mp3 file within Articulate, does it make the changes to the actual file or does it just remember them within Articulate?

Thank you so much, I hope you can help.


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Brian Batt

Hi Jeff,

The suggested method for merging two or more Articulate presentations into one is the following: 

1) Open both PowerPoint files, and decide which file is the master. 

2) In the secondary presentation(s), click in the slide view area, and press CTRL+C to copy all slides. 

3) Switch to the master file, click in the slide view area, and press CTRL+V to paste the copied slides. 

4) If you have recorded narration in the secondary presentation(s), export the audio from each secondary presentation using the steps in this article: 

5) Then import the audio files into the master presentation: