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Mar 05, 2012

Hi there.

I have a client who wants a large PDF converted to Articulate so they can track users who have viewed it on an LMS.  I need to also keep costs down so have been looking at ways to convert this as quickly and cheaply as possible.  The original PDF is formatted with lots of tabs and indents so I want to be able to maintain these when it goes onto the PowerPoint.

I've looked at some tools to convert the PDF to PowerPoint. E.g. Wondershare's PDFtoPowerPoint converter is quite good! The only problem is that I can't stretch the text fields when it's converted into PowerPoint as there appears to be hard returns.  The original PDF is in Portrait mode but I want to convert it to Landscape in PPT/Articulate.

Can anyone recommend a better way to convert PDF to Articulate, without the need of reformatting or editing?

Thank you. 

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Timothy lee

gigi will said:

As all we know the PDF format is hindrance when it comes to importing into PowerPoint –the PDF format is set in stone unless you have Adobe’s expensive software to edit your own PDF files. I have heard about some PDF to PowerPoint Converter can work as Adobe, I just google your question, find it is. good luck !


Hi, If I were to handle this problem, I would try to use Adobe pdf reader to convert pdf document to other document files, including converting pdf to powerpoint.  Alought it will charge, it is convinent to operate with no other external third party application.

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