Player Properties vanishing in Office 365 (Desktop version)

Feb 21, 2015

In Studio 13, I'll set up my player properties the way I want it, menu options, corporate logo, and custom color scheme, etc. Good right? Well, lately when I open the file the next day, it's all gone! It only takes a couple minutes to reset everything but it's a pain. 

Anyone else experiencing this issue?

Thanks everyone!

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Scott,

Players, player colors, text labels, presenters, and playlists are also stored in the project-specific *.ppta file for each presentation you create. As a result, they'll always be available for existing projects even if the saved versions are deleted from your computer (see locations above) or if your projects are transferred to another computer. When you open your file back up are you able to see if the player still exists in the list or everything has just reverted?  

Have you also confirmed that you're working locally as described here? 

Scott Lindstrom

Hi Ashley, yes I always work locally. The problem occurs after I shut down the machine and start it the next day. All the info is gone and I have to reset everything.

The only real change is I did install Office 365 (Desktop version). I'm going to reinstall Articulate Studio 13 when I have the time and see if that works.

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