Poor Image / Movie Quality

Hello All,

I’m running into an issue that I hope you can provide guidance on. My issue is two-pronged:

1)       When I insert my images / screenshots (.png) into the PPT, they look great provided that the player template browser window settings are set to display at current user’s browser size and scale presentation to fill browser window. However, when I change the browser window settings to rescale to optimize size and then preview / publish, the images automatically scale down and the quality is poor.

2)       Conversely, when I insert Flash movies (created in Captivate) into the PPT, they look great when the browser window settings are optimized. However, when I change the settings to display at current user’s browser size and preview / publish, the movies scale up and lose quality. I have tried manually resizing the Flash movies to return them to their original size. However, this has been hit or miss and is not a good solution.

I need to find a happy place where both my images and Flash movies have decent quality. And, this issue needs to be resolved before I can roll Articulate out to our greater instructional design team.

Note: I have taken the screenshots using the steps provided in the following resource: http://www.articulate.com/blog/how-to-get-perfect-screenshots-in-presenter-09/. The problem is not with my screenshots or graphics; it’s with the Presenter settings.

Any suggestions would certainly be appreciated.

Thank you!

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Justin Wilcox

Hi Vimal and welcome to the forums! I would take a look at this article:


Also, any text that is added to shapes that have effects applied to them typically are rasterized, not treated as vector objects. The solution for that is to create a plain text box to add the text to and group it with the object.

Movies and images lose quality because they are scaled. If you follow the steps outlined in that article to lock your template to its optimal size that will reduce the number of quality issues which are related to resizing SWF movies.