PowerPoint 2013 Issues with Articulate

Jan 30, 2013

Has anyone had issues with images jumping around when you create them in Powerpoint 2013 and publsih/preview in Articulate 09.  I have come across a few issues:

-PNG files just disappear

-Any formatting done in PPT causes the images to jump around to different spots in the screen when published/previewed in Articulate

Considering Articulate is a PowerPoint plug in I am concerned that it can't even support simple image edits within the system.  Any thoughts or ideas?

Thank you.

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Christine Hendrickson

Welcome to E-Learning Heroes, Melissa!

Currently, Articulate Studio '09 is not supported with Microsoft Office 2013. I'd suggest checking which installation you have installed, first. If you're running 2013 64-bit, you may be able to improve the performance by switching to the 32-bit mode. However, I cannot promise this will fix the problem for you. 

Does this only happen with PNG files? If you're not able to try using the previous version of Office, are you able to change the file type and see if the same problem happens with the images?


Skip Hagan

I just bought a new laptop with Windows 8 and installed Office 2013. After installing Storyline and Articulate Studio 09, I find that PPT 2013 doesn't like Articulate AT ALL. It will immediately disable the add-in.

Storyline SEEMS to work, but I'm not entirely sure. I tried to preview an imported PPT 2013 file and it doesn't like my embedded Flash animations. The encoder seems to hang and never complete.

I just did this, late yesterday evening, so these are first impressions. I'm wondering if I need to go back to the installation on my old laptop (XP Pro SP3) to be able to use my beloved Articulate tools.....   :-(

Any guidance would be appreciated.

Christine Hendrickson

Welcome to E-Learning Heroes, Skip!

Unfortunately, as I mentioned in my previous post, Articulate Studio '09 is not supported with Microsoft Office 2013. Storyline shouldn't encounter any issues, unless you're working with content pulled in from 2013 or if you attempt to export to Word 2013. I know this isn't what you wanted to hear, but for the time being it may be best to roll back to an older version of Office. If you need to use 2013 for other work purposes, you could try running both versions on one computer. Take a look at this Microsoft article for more information. I cannot guarantee this will work for you, but perhaps it's an option that may make this a little easier for you.

Christine Hendrickson

Hi Mike,

My sources are telling me there shouldn't be an issue with Studio '13 and Office 2013 32-bit. However, this isn't something that's been officially confirmed and added to the '13 preview page yet, so I cannot guarantee this will be the case. I just don't want to tell you that they'll work flawlessly together and find out that there are some compatibility issues after release. I know this isn't very informative, but hopefully we'll be able to share some additional information on this soon!

I hope you have a great day,


Christine Hendrickson

Good morning Niels,

No updates (that I've seen), just yet. I'm sure that we'll share any details about the release as soon as we hear something.  If you would like to be the first to know about updates and product releases, I would encourage you to subscribe to Gabe Anderson's blog:


You can also follow us on Twitter:


Tom Meyer

I wish it would have been made clearer about the incapability between Articulate 09 and Office 2013 prior to our purchase of the software.  This presents several serious issues for us.  To exasperate the problem, there are no guarantees Articulate 13 is going to be compatible with Office 2013.  As Philip said, "... a little disappointing, to say the least...". 

Skip Hagan

I have subscribed to Gabe Anderson's blog, but haven't seen anything on this issue, yet. We're fast approaching 4Q. It seems to me an "official" status update is in order. There are a LOT of us, who are in difficulty because of the incompatibility issues with Office 365 (2013).

Can someone at Articulate just give us a status update on the next generation of the Articulate tools? Should we be bracing ourselves for the demise of Articulate Studio, in favor of Storyline? Inquiring minds want to know... 

Peter Arashiro

I ran into the same Office/PowerPoint 2013 incompatibility issue when I got upgraded, however I noticed that my colleague, who was also upgraded to 2013, had his Articulate '09 ribbon still showing and functioning properly.  So what was different with his set up than mine?

Well, I had started with Office/PowerPoint 2007 and then upgraded directly to 2013.  He had 2010 and then upgraded to 2013.  

So I uninstalled Office 2013, reinstalled 2010, confirmed that Articulate Presenter was working in 2010, and then did the upgrade to 2013.  And I now have and am using Articulate Presenter '09 with Office/PowerPoint 2013.

Hope this works for the rest of you!


Scott Hodson

I've "upgraded" to Presenter 13 but unfortunately I had Office 2013 64-bit already installed, so instead of re-installing Office I just use Presenter 13 on an old laptop that has Office 2010 32-bit and it works fine there. Still, lame that I have to do that because I don't always have that old computer with me and it slows down my productivity. I guess I could just re-install the 32-bit version of Office but that's a big install/uninstall, service packs, re-activating license keys, etc. Disappointing.

Martin Williams

Will there be any kind of patch or update to allow '13 presenter to work with 64-bit versions of Office? I don't really want to go through the uninstall/install process for a small project when I will want to go back to the 64-bit office.

I might just create a virtual machine and load the 32-bit office on it. Then if for some reason I need to use presenter again down the road, I'll still have my VM to work from.

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Martin and welcome to E-Learning Heroes! Our support policy is with the 32-bit of Microsoft Office. I am not aware of any plans on supporting the 64 bit version. You can read a Microsoft article here about the versions as well.

It looks like you have a good plan in order to use Presenter I have to utilize a VM as well in order to support Studio '09 and '13.

David M

I've tried all this but having some problems here.  Have windows 7. when I get to step 4 my office 2013 (home and student) only gives me two options,  online repair or  quick repair. I don't get add or remove features option. I have done both repairs. everytime I come back to 4 its always the same. any ideas why? I don't know how else to check for VBA.   David

Install Visual Basic for Applications in Microsoft Office

If the issue persists, it may mean that the Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) component of Microsoft Office isn't installed on your computer. Articulate Studio '13 requires VBA to work properly. It's part of the default installation of Office, but you can install it separately if it's not already installed. Here's how:

  1. Close all programs.
  2. Then do the following for your version of Windows:
    • Windows 7: Go to Start > Control Panel > Programs.
  3. Select Microsoft Office from the list of programs, and click the Change button.
  4. When the installer launches, select the option to Add or Remove Features, and click Continue.
  5. Expand Office Shared Features by clicking the plus sign (+) beside it.
  6. Click the drop-down arrow beside Visual Basic for Applications, and choose Run from My Computer.
  7. Click Continue.
  8. When the installation is finished, click Close.

I have also tried all of this with no luck.

If you were never prompted to activate Articulate Presenter '13 and the Articulate tab on the PowerPoint ribbon isn't working, here's how to correct it:

This what I am using.   I have windows 7 home premium service pack 1, running Norton security suite supplied by comcast and Microsoft office home and student 2013

Leslie McKerchie

Hi David! 

A workaround to see if VBA is installed is:

If VBA is installed, you can open any presentation or start a new one, then press Alt + F11 ... that should open the VBA editor.

It sounds like you have tried to do a lot of repair, so please follow the troubleshooting steps in this article to fix unexpected or erratic behavior in Articulate Studio '13.

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