Powerpoint Arrange Command and swf


Can you use Powerpoint's Arrange command on a swf?  I want to place a Powerpoint text box on top of a swf.  I have tried Arrange > Send to Back on the swf and Arrange > Bring to Front on the text box, but swf remains in front of the text.  If the Arrange command is a no go, is there any way to accomplish what I am trying to do?


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Rick Cheeseman

Yes, but then you get into all the folderol around getting quizmaker to match the master slide.  If I could have just one feature, it would be to be able to turn on/off engage and quizmaker elements.  I know there is a $50 solution for engage, and the best no-cost solution that I've come across for both is David Fair's instructions for scaling.  On/off options built-in to the apps themselves would be terrific.  Thanks much for the thoughtful suggestion.