Powerpoint Arrange Command and swf


Can you use Powerpoint's Arrange command on a swf?  I want to place a Powerpoint text box on top of a swf.  I have tried Arrange > Send to Back on the swf and Arrange > Bring to Front on the text box, but swf remains in front of the text.  If the Arrange command is a no go, is there any way to accomplish what I am trying to do?


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Phil Mayor

Dwayne Schamp said:

As far as I know for Articulate anyway, swf file is always on top, so no layering allowed. Can you not put your text box into your flash file and add it back in that way?

Dawyne is correct, you can layer via quizmaker using the timeline, but in ppt the swf is always on top

Rick Cheeseman

Yes, but then you get into all the folderol around getting quizmaker to match the master slide.  If I could have just one feature, it would be to be able to turn on/off engage and quizmaker elements.  I know there is a $50 solution for engage, and the best no-cost solution that I've come across for both is David Fair's instructions for scaling.  On/off options built-in to the apps themselves would be terrific.  Thanks much for the thoughtful suggestion.