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Jan 28, 2011

Some of our people are using PowerPoint 2003 and some of us have 2007.  Has anyone run into problems with files being shared back and forth?

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Tom Kuhlmann

I've had some people tell me that when they share the PowerPoint files back and forth between the different versions, they start to have issues with the PowerPoint file.  Something to consider.  

If I were doing that, I'd make sure that I wouldn't use any of the new 2007 features.  My guess is that's where the problems arise.  if you do want to use some of the graphic formatting you could always create the image in 2007 and apply the format (such as drop shadows) and then save it as a new image.  And then bring it back in.  This way the image is not controlled by the formating in PowerPoint 2007.

Jeff Kortenbosch

Good advice there Tom, I do exactly the same thing when we do projects in virtual teams

  • Check if all team members have the same version of PPT before starting
  • If you use PPT2007 graphic formatting save them as images and reinsert them (as you mention Tom)  which is good practice to do anyway
  • Always save your file as a PPT2003 version (if it is the lowest version available in your team)

Do think about any future developments... does the course need to be translated into another language? external translators might use that PPT2003 version while the rest of your team has got PTT2007 (I run into that one quite often when I send my files off to Mexico, China or Poland)

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