PPT 2010 - Shape Effects Bug

Mar 29, 2011

Hello community members!

I recently upgraded to Office 2010 and have encountered an issue that really puts a cramp in my style. More specifically, the style of my shapes and objects. The shape effects don't render correctly, either on the slide or when published with Articulate. When I add a shape effect to an object, the area behind the object appears solid black. It occurs somewhat inconsistently. Typically, the shadow, glow, and reflection work fine; the main culprits are 3D-rotation and Bevel.

FWIW, these effects looked fine with a jpg I tested, but a png had the same "black box" issues. 

I have not had luck searching for solutions. Has anyone else encountered such a problem after upgrading to 2010? Any guidance or suggestions?

Thanks a lot,


The bug in action:

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