Prensenter and logo in Articulate 13

May 19, 2014

Can anyone help me with where  the presenter and logo template for  Articulate 13 are stored for windows?

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Leslie McKerchie

I'm not sure what you mean by the logo template. What are you trying to do? The logo is simply an image that you add to your course.

Also in the Features area of the window is an option to add a logo to your course player. When enabled, the logo will appear at the top of the sidebar. To add a logo:

  1. Mark the Logo box.
  2. Then use the Click to add a logo link to browse to the image you want.

For the best results, use an image that has a maximum width of 200 pixels and a maximum height of 220 pixels. If your image doesn't fit within these dimensions, Presenter will scale it to fit.

If you add a logo to your player but later decide that you want to use a different image, click the blue hyperlinked text and browse to the image you want to use. If you change your mind about having a logo, just uncheck the Logo box to disable it.

This documentation is found here.

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